Duncannon Area Girls Softball Association

Grievance Procedure


No individual board member should be expected to deal with grievances on the field, parking lot, or other locations away from the field.  No board member, regardless of position, has the right nor should be expected to take on a grievance and to set forth disciplinary action.  Therefore the following grievance procedure is set forth.


1.      The accuser must make an attempt to reach an acceptable resolution of the issue with the accused before the board gets involved. 


2.      If an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, then the person filing the grievance should present their grievance in writing and submit it, via e-mail, to Grievances@dagsa.org.  The e-mail must include the name and phone number of the person filing the grievance as well as the name of the person or persons the grievance is being filed against.  Grievances filed without the name and number of the person filing it will be ignored.  In other words, DAGSA will not act on anonymous grievances.


3.      A meeting will be scheduled and the accuser and accused will be notified of the date, time, and location of said meeting and will be expected to attend.  If neither party is present, the grievance will be closed.  If one or the other parties appear but not both parties, the grievance could be ruled in favor of the side that was present.


4.      At this meeting, the board will hear both sides of the issue.  Questions can be posed to the accuser and the accused with all parties hearing the questions and the responses.


5.      After all the facts have been assembled the board will meet in a closed-door session to render a decision.


6.      Both parties will be informed, via registered letter, of the board’s decision.


When dealing with spectator suspensions the following guidelines will be followed:


1.      The suspended spectator must view the game that their daughter or interested party is playing in from the opposite fields bleachers.  For example, at Penn Twp or Wagner Park, if the game is on the small field, they must view it from the large field’s bleachers and vice versa.  If the game is at another town’s field and such a configuration is not available, then they can be no closer than 200 feet from any part of the playing area.


2.      If the suspended spectator refuses to abide with the imposed suspension, then the player or players they are directly related to shall not be permitted to play in the game.


3.      If the head coach allows the suspended spectator to ignore the suspension, then the coach can be in jeopardy of a suspension as well.


It is by no means DAGSA’S desire to have to take disciplinary action against anyone participating in a DAGSA event.  We encourage everyone to use good sense, conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and enjoy the opportunity of watching their daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and friend’s play softball.  This should be an enjoyable time.  Keep your emotions in check and remember that these girls are just kids, not professionals, playing for the love of the game.  We should all strive to make this as positive of an experience as possible for everyone.