Updated and revised January 28, 2018



The name of this organization is the Duncannon Area Girls Softball Association. Herein, it will be referred to as the Association.


The objective of the Association is to teach sportsmanship and to promote fellowship among girls in our community, to hold projects to finance the needs of our players, and to maintain a working relationship between parents, coaches, and the girls.


A. The board of directors shall consist of no more than 20 members including one coach representative. From this Board, an executive board will be selected comprising of a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. A board member must be at least age 18 and at least age 21 to be an officer.

B. Members of the general Board are elected for a three-year period (October to October). Officers of the executive Board are elected for a one-year term. The officers are elected by a simple majority of all members present and voting.

C. Election of officers is held each year at the October meeting of each fiscal year.

D. Meetings will be held at the discretion of the president and all members will be notified in writing or by email 10 days prior to the meeting.

E. Special meetings can be called by the president whenever necessary.

F. The president votes only to break a tie. The exception to this is that the president may vote in the election of officers.

G. No Board member can hold more than one office on the board.

H. If a member of the Board resigns, a new person will be elected by the Board to complete the remaining term. An officer will be replaced by special election.

I. Coaches may be Board members and/or executive officers.

J. The by-laws are to be reviewed by the board each year at its January meeting.

K. The board of directors, having had a quorum and by a two thirds (2/3) vote at a duly constituted meeting shall have the authority to discipline, suspend, or terminate any member when just cause can be shown.


A. All matters concerning the policy of the association shall be decided by a vote of the board in quorum and no motion shall be carried without a majority vote.

B. The association will follow the playing rules established by the Perry County Girls Fast Pitch Softball Association executive boards.

C. Changing of By-Laws:

Out of Season: After the last playoff game and before the first game of the season, a majority vote is needed.

In Season: After the first regular season game starts until the last playoff game is over, a unanimous vote is needed.

D. Robert’s Rules on Parliamentary Procedure shall govern all amendments and meetings.


A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association; call special sessions when necessary; appoint chairpersons for all committees created by vote of the Association; have general supervision over all matters pertaining to the Association; act as liaison between parents, coaches, and umpires; have authority to remove an individual from a game for misconduct; and perform such other duties as may become necessary.

B. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall assume the duties of the office; shall, at all times, aid the President in furthering the interests of the Association; shall act as coordinator for the concession stand and team parents.

C. The Secretary shall record and present the minutes of the meetings; keep a current list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the Association’s members; attend to all correspondence subject to the approval of the Board, and promptly present all communications to the Association. It will become the Secretary’s duty to act as a substitute for the Treasurer whenever he or she cannot, for any reason, perform his/her duties.

D. The Treasurer shall collect all funds received by the Association and keep accurate records of the same; pay all bills against the Association as ordered; shall not disburse any amount above the $25 other than current expenses without the approval of the Executive Board; shall at such times as the Board may direct, present all books and papers for auditing; and present a Treasurer’s report at each meeting.


A. If any member is absent from three consecutive meetings or five in one year (without good cause), the board will vote on the continuation of that board member.

B.  Coaches or a team representative must attend all mandatory coach’s meetings.


A.    A player registration fee will be determined by the Board, which must be paid by each girl participating. The fee will be established by the December meeting. In the case of hardship, the Board will review each item on a case-by-case basis. [A fee of $75 will be charged per family to cover the costs for covering the concession stand and field preparations for DAGSA held tournaments, preseason, and opening day festivities. A signup sheet will be available for parents/guardians/immediate family members for a minimum of two appearances at DAGSA activities. This will be for, but not limited to, running for supplies, stocking concession stands, field preparation work, and our other activities throughout the year. Upon completion of two assignments the family will be reimbursed the $75 fee. Regular season games do not count towards this requirement as it is the responsibility of being a member of the home team. ]

1.      Head coaches will not be required to meet these requirements.

2.      Assistant Coaches and Team Parent will count as one of the two events required.

B. The registration fee is non-refundable, except where a player has become injured prior to the start of the season and cannot participate; or not enough teams are available in that player’s normal age-group. The Board will review each request on a case-by-case basis. A $25 late fee will be assessed if the registration information is received after the final registration date.

C. Any and all monies collected or solicited by coaches or Board Members are to be turned over to the Association and become property of the Association for the betterment of the Association.


The Association may affiliate with any area, state or nationwide amateur program that the Board approves.


The Board will, by vote, decide on participation in any tournament play with any area, state or national body that they may be affiliated with.



A. The Board shall annually approve head coaches of each team. Head coaches must be at least age 18 and shall be responsible to the Board. Application should be submitted each year by January 31st of the upcoming season.

B. The coaches shall be responsible for the selection of their teams in accordance with these By-Laws.

C. They shall be responsible for the welfare and conduct of their players during any team activity. Coaches shall also be responsible for the conduct of their fans.

D. The coach may have two (2) assistant coaches. He/she may have one (1) additional scorekeeper/coach if desired. The Board must approve all assistants.

E. Coaches will keep an accurate record of his/her players and games. These records must be presented in the event of a protest. The Coach, when his/her team is the home team, is also responsible for reporting his/her scores and record to the Board appointed record keeper.Timeliness of reporting your scores is important.  Scores should be reported on the DAGSA website as well as the Perry County website within 72 hours.

F. The coach will conduct himself or herself in an adult manner and in such a way that he/she will set an example for the members of his/her team.

G. All coaches will refrain from the use of profanity when in the presence of his/her players.

H. Only the head coach may enter the playing field to question the call of an umpire in a sportsmanlike manner.

I. All coaches are to refrain from alcoholic beverages prior to, during and after if in the presence of his/her players of all games and practices.

J. Each home team coach is responsible for field preparation, post-game clean-up for each game.

K. All coaches will stay abreast of all rules and rule changes.

L. Head coaches are responsible to see that no tobacco products are in use on the field or in proximity to players during games or practices. There should be no use of any tobacco products within 25 feet of players.

M. All coaches have the option of selecting team parents. The coach will designate the team parent responsibilities.


N. [Head coaches are responsible to insure that their teams are represented in concessions stands during appointed times, set by the vice-president or his appointed representatives. Additionally, the head coach will insure that any and all procedures set forth by the Board or any of its representatives are adhered to]

O. All coaches, assistant coaches and team parents are required to have background checks.  Anyone helping with the team on the field or in the dugout must have background checks on file with DAGSA.


A. The Association will furnish equipment, including balls.

B. It will be the responsibility of the coach to account for all equipment charged to him/her.

C. The coach is responsible to report to the equipment manager the condition of his/her equipment and the necessary repairs or replacements needed by the date set by the manager.

D. All equipment must be returned by the 1st Sunday in November of current season.

ARTICLE XII: TEAMS (excluding all-stars)

A. All team rosters will consist of girls only.

B. All girls whose principle place of residence is a Duncannon address, a New Buffalo Address, a New Bloomfield address, or Dauphin County address within the Susquenita School District will be deemed eligible to participate.

C. The Association will allow girls to participate who live in other communities, if that community does not offer the age bracket or type of softball. In order to participate the player must have a written statement from their home association indicating that they are permitted to play in Duncannon and the reason they are appealing for entry into Duncannon’s Association.

- In the case where another association has sanctioned a girl from another community and she asks for permission to participate in Duncannon, the Association will review and consider each case on a case-by-case basis.

D. The daughter(s) of the Head Coach will be put on that team automatically.

E. Girls residing within the same household shall be placed automatically on the same team.

F. The Board will consider special requests. The parents should make the request in writing or by attending a designated Board meeting and stating the requests and reason for the request. Carpooling will not be considered as a special request.

G. In the event of injury, the parent’s insurance is primary and the Association’s insurance is secondary.

H. Players participating in league or tournament games will play according to current league minimum playing time as specified by Perry County Girls Fastpitch Softball Association By-Laws.

I. A late fee of $25 will be assessed if registration is received after the final registration date. The only exception being girls who have moved into the area after this date.

J. Late sign-ups will be assigned to the next team due to receive a player in the draft. No sign-ups/registrations will be received after one week prior to the draft date set by the board.

K. A coach may elect to pull girls from a lower division in the event that members of his/her team are unavailable to participate. The coach may only call up a number equal to the amount of girls to get his player compliment to 10. No call up from a lower division may start ahead of a player already on that team’s roster.

L. Selection of players will be by draft, as described in Article XIII.

M. No coach will replace or trade present team members.

N. Any coach who knowingly and willingly allows an ineligible player to play will automatically forfeit all winning games said player has played in.

O. If a player quits her team, she must return to the same team when signing up the following season.

P. Allowance of girls to be moved from one team to another on a case-by-case basis.

Q. All first time players must go into the draft unless his/her parent is the head coach or if a sibling is currently on a team in that age category.

R. Assistant coaches and scorekeepers of record must serve with a team for two (2) seasons for his/her child to automatically go to that team. These two (2) years must be prior to the child being eligible to play in that age division.

S. If a player wishes to re-enter the draft the following year, the player must submit in writing this request. The request must detail the reasons for the request. The requestor may be required to be present at a board meeting to discuss the request. The Board will determine whether the reasons are acceptable on a case-by-case basis.

T. In the event that a player misses two (2) consecutive practices and/or games the minimum playing rule may be waived at the discretion of the coach for the following game. In the event of sickness, the above shall NOT apply. The opposing coach shall be notified prior to the game.

U. If a player, for any reason, does not play her required six (6) defensive outs and bat at least once, the player must play the entire next game.

V. All substitute players must be registered within ASA and insured by ASA or equivalent softball organization. Same day player DAGSA registrations will only be accepted if a player can present her ASA or equivalent softball organization insurance card.


A. The order of the draft will be reverse order of finish from the previous year. If teams have the same record, the first tiebreaker will be head-to-head record to determine the order. If the teams are still tied after head-to-head records are considered, the order will be determined by a coin flip.

B. If a team or teams needs additional picks to get their roster in accordance with other teams, those picks will occur after the first (1st) round and before the second (2nd) round. Example _ Teams A& B need 5 picks and the other teams only need 4 picks to attain the stated roster size as set by the Board. Teams A& B will pick 1 additional player after the 1st round. This continues until all teams have the same number of players. The draft then proceeds as described in A. above.

C. In the event that a team is added to an age group, the draft order will have the each team drafting in the first round and then the new team will pick until it reaches the lowest number of players in the age group. The draft will then proceed to Step B.

D. If a team only receives one (1) pick, that pick will be in the next to last round.

E. If sisters or players living in the same household are entered in the draft, these will count as

two (2) picks and the team will forfeit their next draft selection.

F. Players will NOT become automatic picks based on transportation requirements. The Board will consider written requests presented by the end of sign-ups.

G. If a player does not register in a given year, and that player registers the following year and the player does not move up to a new age bracket, that player will return to the team they last played on.

H.  If a head coach has a child assigned to their team, this will count as the third round pick or the last pick of the total picks is less than 2.


A. The amount of teams in each division and the number of players on each team will be governed by the player registration.

B. Based on the total girls registered, the Board will determine the roster size for each team.

C. If one or more teams need to be disbanded, the following criterion will be used:

1. Team with a coach opening.

2. The coach with the least amount of seniority in the Association. This seniority will be defined as tenure as a head coach and/or years serving as a Board member of the association.

3. The team(s) with the least number of registered returning players will be disbanded. If two or more teams have the same number of registered returning players, the team with the worst record from the previous season will be disbanded. If two or more teams are tied the tie will be broken first by head-to-head records. If the tie is not broken through head-to-head, a coin flip will determine the team to be disbanded.

D. Player draft will take place following the registration on a date established by the Board. The Board will notify the coaches of said date at least ONE (1) week prior to the draft.

E. Season will open on the date set by the Board.

            1.  No home games should be scheduled prior to DAGSA opening day.

F. Games will be played on fields designated by the Board.

G. Postponed games will be scheduled following the Corresponding Association By-Laws.


A. Upon Board approval, the coach with the best record that year will be appointed to coach each of the following age groups: 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14& Under, 16 & Under and 18 &Under. In the event that the coach with the best record decides not to coach then the coach with the next best record will be appointed, and so forth until a coach is found.

B. All girls must play within their respective age group unless they are not selected for that group. Then they may play for any group they qualify for.

C. If a player selected for All-Stars remains on the bench for an entire game, that player must start the next game and be afforded play for six defensive outs.

D. The coach will have discretion to the selections, but should seek input from the other coaches; additionally the coach should set at least a single date for try-outs to determine those who are interested and qualified to participate.

E. The Board will determine as to whether a team will be fielded in any of the above detailed age brackets. The Board will do this determination with coach input to the feasibility of fielding a competitive team. This determination should occur prior to May 31. In the event that a team is not fielded, it will be determined whether to extend the season for players who are interested. DAGSA will provide limited available funding and support for only 1 team per age group.

F. If a coach would like to put together an additional All-Star team (second one in an age-group or travel team), DAGSA will allow that coach, on their own, to self-support the team through fundraisers to cover all expenses. DAGSA will not be responsible for equipment or any expenses that will be incurred by the additional All-Star team.

G. All Star Teams will have no more than 12 players and 2 alternates. All-Star teams will consist of selected DAGSA players only. The only exception being, that not enough DAGSA players try-out for a specific age group to field a full team. At that time, the coaches may select a player from outside of the DAGSA organization. Coaches may also substitute missing players from outside of the DAGSA organization, provided all DAGSA players have first play for the game. DAGSA will fund only 2 All-Star tournaments.

I. DAGSA funding of All-Star teams will be based on availability of funds.


In the event that the Association is dissolved, any monies remaining after all financial obligations have been paid in its various accounts shall be donated to another non-profit organization that will be decided by Board. No remaining monies may be distributed to any member, player, coach or Board member in the Association.


A.    All coaches, assistant coaches, team parents and board members will be required to have valid background checks from DHS Childline and PA State Police per state law (currently must be renewed every 5 years)

1.       Coaches must submit upon request to coach.

2.      Assistant coaches and team parents must submit prior to the first practice

3.      Board members must submit upon request to be on the Board.

B. If an applicant is determined to be listed on DHS’s Childline registry, that applicant will be disqualified from serving DAGSA in any capacity.

C. Except as provided in paragraph D, if an applicant is determined to have been convicted of any crime of violence, crime involving theft of property, or crime under the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act, that applicant will be disqualified from serving DAGSA in any capacity. In addition, if an applicant is determined to have been convicted of driving under the influence, that applicant will be disqualified from serving DAGSA in any capacity. The DAGSA Board of Directors reserves the right to add crimes to this disqualification list without notice to applicants.

D. The DAGSA Board of Directors may determine that an applicant who has been convicted of a crime is sufficiently rehabilitated and allow such applicant to serve as a coach with supervisory authority. The DAGSA Board of Directors may exercise this authority in regard to the following crimes: Driving under the influence; possession offenses under the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act; and nonviolent property offenses under Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues Title 18.

E. A “coach with supervisory authority” is defined as a head coach or assistant coach in whom team members’ health and safety will be entrusted. No team will participate in a practice or game unless at least one coach with supervisory authority is present. Each head coach is required to be a coach with supervisory authority. Each team shall be required to have at least two coaches with supervisory authority.

F. The DAGSA Board of Directors may develop further guidelines and policies to implement this policy.


A. The Association will have a zero tolerance regarding drugs.

B. Parents should not send drugs, even over the counter medications with their daughters to practices, games or Association events. This will include vitamins, aspirin, ibuprophen, etc.

C. The only exception to this policy is inhalers for Asthma.        

D. Coaches, assistant coaches, scorekeepers or anyone associated with the Association will NOT Administer any type of medication to any of the players.

E. In the case of medication needing to be administered it must be by the parent or by qualified medical personnel.

F. In the event that a player is caught in possession of any drugs, the player will be suspended from further participation in the Association until a hearing can be held with the player, her parents, and at least 5 Board Members of which at least 1 of the Board Members must be an officer.

G. In the event that a player is caught giving any drugs to another player, and those drugs are suspicious in nature and cannot be readily identified, the proper authorities will be notified, in addition to suspension under Item F above.

H. In the event that a player appears for a game, practice or other Association event and is believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the parents will be notified immediately and the player will not be permitted to participate in those events and will not be permitted to leave the premises until a parent or guardian arrives to pick up the player. At least 2 coaches, assistant coaches who are participating in the event must be in agreement as to the player in question.