To: All presidents, coaches and players served by the ASA Umpires Assn, District 11

From: President of the Umpires Association

Subject: Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches and Bystanders of the game



The game of softball, which is played in this area, is considered recreational and amateur. It is for fun, recreation and in some cases instructional. We as any person connected with the game should understand this and impress upon others that good sportsmanship and respect for umpires, opposing players and fellow coaches are also part of the game. We should not accept or allow anything less than the highest or moral standards to prevail at the game.


Due to the ever-increasing amount of bad sportsmanship, constant badgering of umpires and in some cases threats of violence towards the umpire it is now apparent that a code of conduct is necessary.


Coaches are leaders of their respective teams and should display the utmost courtesy and sportsmanship. They should hold the umpire and the opposing team in highest of respect. It is this that I base the following conditions on them.


  1. You are the leaders of your team and will be held accountable for the players of your team, your fellow coaches and also parents and other bystanders of the game.


  1. The umpire when addressed by the head coach shall only answer any questions concerning a rule. At this moment it is easier for the umpire to address the question and the situation when speaking to one person than to the whole team.


  1. Coaches, players, parents and bystanders are accountable for their actions before, during and immediately after the game. If the umpire in his or her best judgment feels that in the spirit of the game that one or more persons is not or has not shown proper respect or good sportsmanship, the game will be stopped and the person or persons will be ejected from the game site.


  1. There is no rule that states that any coach, player, parent or bystander is to be given a warning before ejections. If anyone of these persons feels that a warning is to be given consider this the warning. All umpires will be instructed to handle the situation in a proper and professional manner. The player, coach, parent or bystander will tell coaches of the infraction at which time they will instruct that person to leave.


  1. It is requested that all presidents of all the leagues read this to their coaches so that there is no misunderstanding between the coaches and the umpires.